Who we are

We're One of the World's Qualitative Consulting Firms

LB Infosys is a leading global business advisor and systems integrator. We employ our consultants in both the public and private sectors. Our annual revenues are over $1 million. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. We have principal offices located in the United States, Canada and India.


Industry Expertise 90%
Experienced Workforce 70%
Enduring Relationships with World-Class Clients 80%
Innovative, Results-Focused Solutions 60%
Strategic Alliances with The Market Leaders 50%
Our Strengths

Our strategic strengths are the competitive advantages upon which our reputation is based. They are built from our values and the expectations we set for ourselves. They allow us to propel ourselves beyond our competitors into a category all our own. These differentiators are proof of why we are the best in the industry. Our strategic strengths set us apart. They are the reasons we gain new clients and our existing clients retain us year after year. They are also the reasons we attract top professionals who deliver business results to world-class clients.

Enduring Relationships with World-Class Clients

We have our large and rapidly growing client list of world-class organizations. Each year, virtually all of our most significant clients renew their relationship with us to assist them in deploying innovative solutions to address new business challenges. We are focused on developing client relationships for life, and the relationships we build are based on insight, commitment, and accomplishment.

Industry Expertise

We have credibility and respect in our markets because of the depth of our knowledge in the industries we serve. We know our clients' business problems, the trends impacting their industries, and the processes required to achieve results. Our clients consistently tell us we are unmatched in our deep understanding of their business and the technology challenges they face.

Experienced Workforce

We have the most experienced workforce in our industry. We are technologists, strategists, and consultants of remarkable personal accomplishment. We are constantly learning, deploying new skills, and offering new solutions. Our extensive business and technology experience and commitment to our clients drive our success.

Innovative, Results-Focused Solutions

From strategy to architecture to integration, we combine our industry knowledge with technology expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible and innovative business value to our clients.